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Why does my cat keep eating grass?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Is your cat suffering from an upset stomach or are there other reasons why your cat might be chewing on grass?

Pet cat laid in long grass

Do cats eat grass to make themselves sick?

For many years I believed that cats only ate grass when suffering from an upset stomach in an attempt to make themselves sick, although there may be the odd occasion when this is the case, you may be surprised to know that there are also many other reasons why you might see your cat chewing on grass.

In this blog post I'm going to take a look at:

  • The possible reasons why your cat may be eating grass

  • What to consider if you have an indoor cat, and finally

  • How to grow cat grass for your cat

So firstly, let's get started by looking at the possible reasons why you may see your cat eating grass,

What does it mean when my cat eats grass?

As we've already discussed there can be a whole range of reasons for your cat to be eating grass. Below I've listed the most common reasons that I am aware of as to why you may see your cat behaving in this way.

Grass is an essential part of a cat's diet

Did you know that grass is actually an essential part of a cat's diet? One of the most common reasons why a cat eats grass is because it is a great source of natural fibre, good for their stool formation and maintaining a healthy digestion. So although we may not realise it, one of the most common reasons why we see our cats eating grass is to get their regular dose of fibre.

Another potential reason why your cat may be eating grass is it contains folic acid, fantastic for a cat’s bodily functions and growth.

Grass can help cats move hair through the body

As cat owners we know how often our cats spend time washing and cleaning themselves, if they aren't sleeping or hunting I would say they are most probably going to be having a good wash. This constant washing can result in fur being consumed and building up in your cat's digestive system. Eating grass can do one of two things, it can help a cat be sick and vomit up any fur balls or it can move smaller pieces all the way through the cat’s digestive tract to naturally leave the body in their stools.

Grass can help cats to remove indigestible parts of their prey from their body

If your cat is anything like mine, a regular little hunter, then when he or she is eating their prey they will eat almost all of it, bones and all, which means at times indigestible parts may end up in their digestive tract. To remedy this after enjoying their 'catch of the day' our cats will eat grass to make themselves sick, removing these indigestible items from their body.

Cats may eat grass to settle their stomach

We have touched on this already but to recap, yes, if your cat has an upset stomach you may find that he or she eats grass to settle it. The grass can also act as a natural aid to help if they are finding it hard to go to the toilet.

Eating grass can be a sign of a stressed or anxious cat

If your cat's behaviour has changed and you notice that he or she is eating more grass than usual or chewing your house plants this can sometimes be a sign you have a stressed out cat.

If this behaviour is then paired with over washing, excessive scratching, going to the toilet in unusual places, pacing the house or being overly vocal your cat may be trying to tell you that it feels stressed or worried. In this situation I would suggest you speak to an expert, either a vet or a cat behaviourist for some advice.

Do indoor cats need to eat grass?

With grass being such an essential part of a cat's diet and offering the numerous benefits we have already touched upon, if you have an indoor cat you may want to consider having a pot of growing grass readily available for them to have constant access to.

Where can I buy cat grass for my cat?

I personally like the Catit 2.0 grass planter kit and have recommended it to people in the past, not because I am endorsed by the company, but because I honestly find it a great product. It's a good price and the design has many benefits.

My top reasons for liking the Catit 2.0 grass planter kit for your cat are:

  • It is reasonably priced

  • It has a clean and tidy design

  • It cannot be tipped over resulting in less mess

  • Because of the design of the product your cat cannot claw the grass and finally

  • You can easily buy refills should you need them

If you want to find out more about this product visit the Catit website.

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