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Walk Your Dog Month 2021

#WalkYourDogMonth is here, it's time to try a new route, set some targets and get outdoors for you and your dog's health and happiness

Walk Your Dog Month #WalkYourDogMonth January 2021

National Walk Your Dog Month 2021 has arrived, it's time to get outdoors.

It’s Walk Your Dog Month (#WalkYourDogMonth), which of course is pretty much every day of every month for most of us but how about finding a new dog walking route, going a little further than usual or squeezing in an extra walk into your weekly schedule.

Here in the UK, it is estimated that 40% of our dogs are overweight which can lead to serious health problems such as arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and certain forms of cancer and those dogs who are considered obese will also have a shorter life expectancy.

Getting out and about for regular exercise is vital for a happy and healthy dog and you too can benefit physically and mentally from being outdoors and spending time together particularly during these difficult lockdown times.

So why not embrace Walk Your Dog Month (#WalkYourDogMonth) by trying a new dog-friendly walking route in your local area and setting yourself some distance targets. If you need a little inspiration here are two of my personal favourite websites that you can use to find new walking routes:

Thought about hiring a local dog walker?

If you would love to walk your dog more but are struggling to find the time, how about using the services of a local a dog walker? I used to work as dog walker in Lincolnshire and it was great to be able to help out busy families by ensuring their dogs got a good long walk.

Website Tailster is a good place to start when searching for a dog walker, it connects pet owners with dog walkers and pet sitters within a 10-mile radius of each other.

Share your walks and inspire other dog owners to get outdoors

Share photos of your dog out on a walk and inspire others dog owners to do the same, simply use #WalkYourDogMonth and tag us:

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Enjoy your walkies everyone!

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