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Fabulous Valentine's Day gifts for pets

Spoil your cat, dog, chickens and small furry animals this Valentine's Day with a special treat from you to them with love.

Dog waiting for Christmas

Valentine's Day gifts for pets 2021

With Valentine's Day fast approaching it's the perfect time to buy a special gift for the furry friend in your life, here are our favourite picks available to buy online:

1. Pawsecco 'wine' for cats and dogs

Top Collar advent calendar for dogs

A lovely way to toast Valentine's Day with your furry loved one. Pawsecco still 'wine' is a unique pet treat offering a healthy, herbal refreshment. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it’s non-carbonated and made with 100% natural herbs including elderflower, linden blossom and ginseng.

The Pet Shop Postie

Price: £2.99

2. WildWash natural pet shampoo

Pets at Home advent garland for dogs

A beautiful selection of seven luxury shampoos for cats and dogs including: Purrfect Cat Shampoo which uses a catnip infusion, Puppy Love Shampoo which uses lavender and patchouli essential oils as they are known to be mild, calming and soothing and Conditioning Dog Shampoo which uses honey and oatmeal to help hydrate the skin and coat and combat dry or flaky skin. A treat for you and your furry friend.

WildWash Natural Pet Care

Price £8.95

3. Be My Valentine, limited edition dog's dinner from Lily's Kitchen

Refillable advent calendar for dogs on Not on the High Street

Lily's Kitchen have launched this limited edition Valentine's dinner for dogs with 100% of the sales going towards the Change the Tale campaign by Dog's Trust charity.

Lily's Kitchen

Price £1.15

4. Yeowww! heart shaped catnip toy for cats

Dogs Trust charity advent calendar for dogs

Treat your cat to a catnip treat with the Hearrrt Attack toy from Yeowww! The Yeowww brand is a favourite in our house!


Price £8.00

5. Henny's Strawberry Hearts for chickens

Lily's Kitchen advent calendar for dogs

These strawberry hearts are a fantastic way to spoil our poultry this Valentine's Day. They are 100% natural treats which are filled with ingredients like banana, peanuts, oyster shell and linseed.


Price £2.15

5. Heart gnaw for small furry animals

Lily's Kitchen advent calendar for dogs

This heart gnaw made of 100% natural materials is a lovely Valentine's Day gift for our small furry animals, it's perfect for gnawing, nibbling, and adding interest to your pet's environment.


Price £4.79

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