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Best advent calendars for cats 2020

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Involve your cat in the countdown to Christmas with their very own advent calendar with a tasty daily treat. They’ll love to celebrate the festivities with you.

Cat playing with santa hat at Christmas

The top 2020 advent calendars for cats

Christmas advent calendars for cats are a great way of getting the furry members of the family involved in the countdown to Christmas. I’m sure your cat will love a special calendar of their own with a daily advent treat.

To help you decide which one to buy, I’ve put together what I think are the best advent calendars for cats available for Christmas 2020 including a luxury brand, charity supporter, a healthier option and a bargain buy.

So, let’s get started and take a look at the best advent calendars for cats 2020:

1. The luxury advent calendar for cats

Lily's Kitchen advent calendar for cats

The luxury cat calendar from Lily’s Kitchen has a lovely vintage festive design and is packed with delicious natural treats. The treats come in two different flavours: chicken with liver and turkey with cranberry.

Lily's Kitchen

Price: £10.00 + £4.95 standard delivery

2. The charity advent calendar for cats

Cats protection charity advent calendar

If you like to give a little something back at Christmas, this advent calendar for cats from Cats Protection is perfect, it comes with a daily treat and a pretty design.

Cats Protection

Price £4.99 (save £1 if you buy two) + £4.95 standard delivery

3. The healthy advent calendar for cats

Scrumbles advent calendar for cats

This natural treat advent calendar from Scrumbles has a fun design and is perfect for your cat if he or she needs a little help with their dental health, struggles with hair balls or has a delicate stomach.


Price £7.00 + £4.99 standard delivery

(Free delivery available if you spend over £25.00)

4. The bargain advent calendar for cats

Meowee! advent calendar for cats

This advent calendar from Meowee! is a bargain at £1.98. It has a cute design and a tasty catnip treat behind each door for your cat to enjoy daily on the countdown to Christmas.

Animed Direct

£1.98 + £1.99 standard delivery

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